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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface FunctionConfiguration

Details about a function's configuration.



Architectures?: string[]

The instruction set architecture that the function supports. Architecture is a string array with one of the valid values. The default architecture value is x86_64.

CodeSha256?: string

The SHA256 hash of the function's deployment package.

CodeSize?: number

The size of the function's deployment package, in bytes.

DeadLetterConfig?: DeadLetterConfig

The function's dead letter queue.

Description?: string

The function's description.

Environment?: EnvironmentResponse

The function's environment variables. Omitted from CloudTrail logs.

EphemeralStorage?: EphemeralStorage

The size of the function’s /tmp directory in MB. The default value is 512, but it can be any whole number between 512 and 10,240 MB.

FileSystemConfigs?: FileSystemConfig[]

Connection settings for an Amazon EFS file system.

FunctionArn?: string

The function's Amazon Resource Name (ARN).

FunctionName?: string

The name of the function.

Handler?: string

The function that Lambda calls to begin running your function.

ImageConfigResponse?: ImageConfigResponse

The function's image configuration values.

KMSKeyArn?: string

The KMS key that's used to encrypt the function's environment variables. When Lambda SnapStart is activated, this key is also used to encrypt the function's snapshot. This key is returned only if you've configured a customer managed key.

LastModified?: string

The date and time that the function was last updated, in ISO-8601 format (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sTZD).

LastUpdateStatus?: string

The status of the last update that was performed on the function. This is first set to Successful after function creation completes.

LastUpdateStatusReason?: string

The reason for the last update that was performed on the function.

LastUpdateStatusReasonCode?: string

The reason code for the last update that was performed on the function.

Layers?: Layer[]

The function's layers.

MasterArn?: string

For Lambda@Edge functions, the ARN of the main function.

MemorySize?: number

The amount of memory available to the function at runtime.

PackageType?: string

The type of deployment package. Set to Image for container image and set Zip for .zip file archive.

RevisionId?: string

The latest updated revision of the function or alias.

Role?: string

The function's execution role.

Runtime?: string

The identifier of the function's runtime. Runtime is required if the deployment package is a .zip file archive.

The following list includes deprecated runtimes. For more information, see Runtime deprecation policy.

RuntimeVersionConfig?: RuntimeVersionConfig

The ARN of the runtime and any errors that occured.

SigningJobArn?: string

The ARN of the signing job.

SigningProfileVersionArn?: string

The ARN of the signing profile version.

SnapStart?: SnapStartResponse

Set ApplyOn to PublishedVersions to create a snapshot of the initialized execution environment when you publish a function version. For more information, see Improving startup performance with Lambda SnapStart.

State?: string

The current state of the function. When the state is Inactive, you can reactivate the function by invoking it.

StateReason?: string

The reason for the function's current state.

StateReasonCode?: string

The reason code for the function's current state. When the code is Creating, you can't invoke or modify the function.

Timeout?: number

The amount of time in seconds that Lambda allows a function to run before stopping it.

TracingConfig?: TracingConfigResponse

The function's X-Ray tracing configuration.

Version?: string

The version of the Lambda function.

VpcConfig?: VpcConfigResponse

The function's networking configuration.