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Interface InvokeCommandOutputProtected

The output of InvokeCommand.



$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

ExecutedVersion?: string

The version of the function that executed. When you invoke a function with an alias, this indicates which version the alias resolved to.

FunctionError?: string

If present, indicates that an error occurred during function execution. Details about the error are included in the response payload.

LogResult?: string

The last 4 KB of the execution log, which is base64-encoded.

Payload?: Uint8Array

The response from the function, or an error object.

StatusCode?: number

The HTTP status code is in the 200 range for a successful request. For the RequestResponse invocation type, this status code is 200. For the Event invocation type, this status code is 202. For the DryRun invocation type, the status code is 204.