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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface UpdateEventSourceMappingRequest



BatchSize?: number

The maximum number of records in each batch that Lambda pulls from your stream or queue and sends to your function. Lambda passes all of the records in the batch to the function in a single call, up to the payload limit for synchronous invocation (6 MB).

  • Amazon Kinesis – Default 100. Max 10,000.

  • Amazon DynamoDB Streams – Default 100. Max 10,000.

  • Amazon Simple Queue Service – Default 10. For standard queues the max is 10,000. For FIFO queues the max is 10.

  • Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka – Default 100. Max 10,000.

  • Self-managed Apache Kafka – Default 100. Max 10,000.

  • Amazon MQ (ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ) – Default 100. Max 10,000.

  • DocumentDB – Default 100. Max 10,000.

BisectBatchOnFunctionError?: boolean

(Kinesis and DynamoDB Streams only) If the function returns an error, split the batch in two and retry.

DestinationConfig?: DestinationConfig

(Kinesis and DynamoDB Streams only) A standard Amazon SQS queue or standard Amazon SNS topic destination for discarded records.

DocumentDBEventSourceConfig?: DocumentDBEventSourceConfig

Specific configuration settings for a DocumentDB event source.

Enabled?: boolean

When true, the event source mapping is active. When false, Lambda pauses polling and invocation.

Default: True

FilterCriteria?: FilterCriteria

An object that defines the filter criteria that determine whether Lambda should process an event. For more information, see Lambda event filtering.

FunctionName?: string

The name of the Lambda function.

Name formats

  • Function nameMyFunction.

  • Function ARNarn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:123456789012:function:MyFunction.

  • Version or Alias ARNarn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:123456789012:function:MyFunction:PROD.

  • Partial ARN123456789012:function:MyFunction.

The length constraint applies only to the full ARN. If you specify only the function name, it's limited to 64 characters in length.

FunctionResponseTypes?: string[]

(Kinesis, DynamoDB Streams, and Amazon SQS) A list of current response type enums applied to the event source mapping.

MaximumBatchingWindowInSeconds?: number

The maximum amount of time, in seconds, that Lambda spends gathering records before invoking the function. You can configure MaximumBatchingWindowInSeconds to any value from 0 seconds to 300 seconds in increments of seconds.

For streams and Amazon SQS event sources, the default batching window is 0 seconds. For Amazon MSK, Self-managed Apache Kafka, Amazon MQ, and DocumentDB event sources, the default batching window is 500 ms. Note that because you can only change MaximumBatchingWindowInSeconds in increments of seconds, you cannot revert back to the 500 ms default batching window after you have changed it. To restore the default batching window, you must create a new event source mapping.

Related setting: For streams and Amazon SQS event sources, when you set BatchSize to a value greater than 10, you must set MaximumBatchingWindowInSeconds to at least 1.

MaximumRecordAgeInSeconds?: number

(Kinesis and DynamoDB Streams only) Discard records older than the specified age. The default value is infinite (-1).

MaximumRetryAttempts?: number

(Kinesis and DynamoDB Streams only) Discard records after the specified number of retries. The default value is infinite (-1). When set to infinite (-1), failed records are retried until the record expires.

ParallelizationFactor?: number

(Kinesis and DynamoDB Streams only) The number of batches to process from each shard concurrently.

ScalingConfig?: ScalingConfig

(Amazon SQS only) The scaling configuration for the event source. For more information, see Configuring maximum concurrency for Amazon SQS event sources.

SourceAccessConfigurations?: SourceAccessConfiguration[]

An array of authentication protocols or VPC components required to secure your event source.

TumblingWindowInSeconds?: number

(Kinesis and DynamoDB Streams only) The duration in seconds of a processing window for DynamoDB and Kinesis Streams event sources. A value of 0 seconds indicates no tumbling window.

UUID: undefined | string

The identifier of the event source mapping.