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Interface GetSessionCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional activeContexts

activeContexts: ActiveContext[]

A list of active contexts for the session. A context can be set when an intent is fulfilled or by calling the PostContent, PostText, or PutSession operation.

You can use a context to control the intents that can follow up an intent, or to modify the operation of your application.

Optional dialogAction

dialogAction: DialogAction

Describes the current state of the bot.

Optional recentIntentSummaryView

recentIntentSummaryView: IntentSummary[]

An array of information about the intents used in the session. The array can contain a maximum of three summaries. If more than three intents are used in the session, the recentIntentSummaryView operation contains information about the last three intents used.

If you set the checkpointLabelFilter parameter in the request, the array contains only the intents with the specified label.

Optional sessionAttributes

sessionAttributes: Record<string, string>

Map of key/value pairs representing the session-specific context information. It contains application information passed between Amazon Lex and a client application.

Optional sessionId

sessionId: undefined | string

A unique identifier for the session.