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Interface DescribeMetricSetCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional AnomalyDetectorArn

AnomalyDetectorArn: undefined | string

The ARN of the detector that contains the dataset.

Optional CreationTime

CreationTime: Date

The time at which the dataset was created.

Optional DimensionFilterList

DimensionFilterList: MetricSetDimensionFilter[]

The dimensions and their values that were used to filter the dataset.

Optional DimensionList

DimensionList: string[]

A list of the dimensions chosen for analysis.

Optional LastModificationTime

LastModificationTime: Date

The time at which the dataset was last modified.

Optional MetricList

MetricList: Metric[]

A list of the metrics defined by the dataset.

Optional MetricSetArn

MetricSetArn: undefined | string

The ARN of the dataset.

Optional MetricSetDescription

MetricSetDescription: undefined | string

The dataset's description.

Optional MetricSetFrequency

MetricSetFrequency: Frequency | string

The interval at which the data will be analyzed for anomalies.

Optional MetricSetName

MetricSetName: undefined | string

The name of the dataset.

Optional MetricSource

MetricSource: MetricSource

Contains information about the dataset's source data.

Optional Offset

Offset: undefined | number

After an interval ends, the amount of seconds that the detector waits before importing data. Offset is only supported for S3, Redshift, Athena and datasources.

Optional TimestampColumn

TimestampColumn: TimestampColumn

Contains information about the column used for tracking time in your source data.

Optional Timezone

Timezone: undefined | string

The time zone in which the dataset's data was recorded.