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New API Documentation - Developer Preview Available

We are excited to announce the developer preview of our new API documentation for AWS SDK for JavaScript v3. Please follow instructions on the landing page to leave us your feedback.

The description for a dataset. For more information, see DescribeDataset.


  • DatasetDescription


CreationTimestamp?: Date

The Unix timestamp for the time and date that the dataset was created.

DatasetType?: string

The type of the dataset. The value train represents a training dataset or single dataset project. The value test represents a test dataset.

ImageStats?: DatasetImageStats

Statistics about the images in a dataset.

LastUpdatedTimestamp?: Date

The Unix timestamp for the date and time that the dataset was last updated.

ProjectName?: string

The name of the project that contains the dataset.

Status?: string

The status of the dataset.

StatusMessage?: string

The status message for the dataset.