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Interface GreengrassConfiguration

Configuration information for the AWS IoT Greengrass component created in a model packaging job. For more information, see StartModelPackagingJob.

You can't specify a component with the same ComponentName and Componentversion as an existing component with the same component name and component version.


  • GreengrassConfiguration



Optional CompilerOptions

CompilerOptions: undefined | string

Additional compiler options for the Greengrass component. Currently, only NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units (GPU) and CPU accelerators are supported. If you specify TargetDevice, don't specify CompilerOptions.

For more information, see Compiler options in the Amazon Lookout for Vision Developer Guide.

Optional ComponentDescription

ComponentDescription: undefined | string

A description for the AWS IoT Greengrass component.


ComponentName: string | undefined

A name for the AWS IoT Greengrass component.

Optional ComponentVersion

ComponentVersion: undefined | string

A Version for the AWS IoT Greengrass component. If you don't provide a value, a default value of Model Version.0.0 is used.


S3OutputLocation: S3Location | undefined

An S3 location in which Lookout for Vision stores the component artifacts.

Optional Tags

Tags: Tag[]

A set of tags (key-value pairs) that you want to attach to the AWS IoT Greengrass component.

Optional TargetDevice

TargetDevice: TargetDevice | string

The target device for the model. Currently the only supported value is jetson_xavier. If you specify TargetDevice, you can't specify TargetPlatform.

Optional TargetPlatform

TargetPlatform: TargetPlatform

The target platform for the model. If you specify TargetPlatform, you can't specify TargetDevice.