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Interface GetApplicationCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.


applicationArn: string | undefined

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the application.


applicationId: string | undefined

The identifier of the application.


creationTime: Date | undefined

The timestamp when this application was created.

Optional deployedVersion

deployedVersion: DeployedVersionSummary

The version of the application that is deployed.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

The description of the application.


engineType: EngineType | string | undefined

The type of the target platform for the application.

Optional environmentId

environmentId: undefined | string

The identifier of the environment where the application will be deployed.

Optional lastStartTime

lastStartTime: Date

The timestamp when the application was last started. Null until the application has started running for the first time.


latestVersion: ApplicationVersionSummary | undefined

The latest version of the application.

Optional listenerArns

listenerArns: string[]

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the network load balancer listener created in your Amazon Web Services account. Amazon Web Services Mainframe Modernization creates this listener on your behalf the first time you deploy an application.

Optional listenerPorts

listenerPorts: number[]

The port associated with the network load balancer listener created in your Amazon Web Services account.

Optional loadBalancerDnsName

loadBalancerDnsName: undefined | string

The public DNS name of the load balancer created in your Amazon Web Services account.

Optional logGroups

logGroups: LogGroupSummary[]

The list of log summaries. Each log summary includes the log type as well as the log group identifier. These are CloudWatch logs. The Amazon Web Services Mainframe Modernization application log is pushed to CloudWatch under the customer's account.


name: string | undefined

The unique identifier of the application.


status: ApplicationLifecycle | string | undefined

The status of the application.

Optional statusReason

statusReason: undefined | string

The reason for the reported status.

Optional tags

tags: Record<string, string>

A list of tags associated with the application.

Optional targetGroupArns

targetGroupArns: string[]

Returns the Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) of the target groups that are attached to the network load balancer.