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Interface ChangeSetSummaryListItem

A summary of a change set returned in a list of change sets when the ListChangeSets action is called.


  • ChangeSetSummaryListItem



Optional ChangeSetArn

ChangeSetArn: undefined | string

The ARN associated with the unique identifier for the change set referenced in this request.

Optional ChangeSetId

ChangeSetId: undefined | string

The unique identifier for a change set.

Optional ChangeSetName

ChangeSetName: undefined | string

The non-unique name for the change set.

Optional EndTime

EndTime: undefined | string

The time, in ISO 8601 format (2018-02-27T13:45:22Z), when the change set was finished.

Optional EntityIdList

EntityIdList: string[]

This object is a list of entity IDs (string) that are a part of a change set. The entity ID list is a maximum of 20 entities. It must contain at least one entity.

Optional FailureCode

FailureCode: FailureCode | string

Returned if the change set is in FAILED status. Can be either CLIENT_ERROR, which means that there are issues with the request (see the ErrorDetailList of DescribeChangeSet), or SERVER_FAULT, which means that there is a problem in the system, and you should retry your request.

Optional StartTime

StartTime: undefined | string

The time, in ISO 8601 format (2018-02-27T13:45:22Z), when the change set was started.

Optional Status

Status: ChangeStatus | string

The current status of the change set.