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Interface Output

The settings for an output.


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Optional DataTransferSubscriberFeePercent

DataTransferSubscriberFeePercent: undefined | number

Percentage from 0-100 of the data transfer cost to be billed to the subscriber.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

A description of the output.

Optional Destination

Destination: undefined | string

The address where you want to send the output.

Optional Encryption

Encryption: Encryption

The type of key used for the encryption. If no keyType is provided, the service will use the default setting (static-key).

Optional EntitlementArn

EntitlementArn: undefined | string

The ARN of the entitlement on the originator''s flow. This value is relevant only on entitled flows.

Optional ListenerAddress

ListenerAddress: undefined | string

The IP address that the receiver requires in order to establish a connection with the flow. For public networking, the ListenerAddress is represented by the elastic IP address of the flow. For private networking, the ListenerAddress is represented by the elastic network interface IP address of the VPC. This field applies only to outputs that use the Zixi pull or SRT listener protocol.

Optional MediaLiveInputArn

MediaLiveInputArn: undefined | string

The input ARN of the AWS Elemental MediaLive channel. This parameter is relevant only for outputs that were added by creating a MediaLive input.

Optional MediaStreamOutputConfigurations

MediaStreamOutputConfigurations: MediaStreamOutputConfiguration[]

The configuration for each media stream that is associated with the output.


Name: string | undefined

The name of the output. This value must be unique within the current flow.


OutputArn: string | undefined

The ARN of the output.

Optional Port

Port: undefined | number

The port to use when content is distributed to this output.

Optional Transport

Transport: Transport

Attributes related to the transport stream that are used in the output.

Optional VpcInterfaceAttachment

VpcInterfaceAttachment: VpcInterfaceAttachment

The name of the VPC interface attachment to use for this output.