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Interface UpdateFlowSourceRequest

A request to update the source of a flow.




Optional Decryption

Decryption: UpdateEncryption

The type of encryption used on the content ingested from this source.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

A description for the source. This value is not used or seen outside of the current AWS Elemental MediaConnect account.

Optional EntitlementArn

EntitlementArn: undefined | string

The ARN of the entitlement that allows you to subscribe to this flow. The entitlement is set by the flow originator, and the ARN is generated as part of the originator's flow.


FlowArn: string | undefined

The flow that is associated with the source that you want to update.

Optional IngestPort

IngestPort: undefined | number

The port that the flow will be listening on for incoming content.

Optional MaxBitrate

MaxBitrate: undefined | number

The smoothing max bitrate for RIST, RTP, and RTP-FEC streams.

Optional MaxLatency

MaxLatency: undefined | number

The maximum latency in milliseconds. This parameter applies only to RIST-based, Zixi-based, and Fujitsu-based streams.

Optional MaxSyncBuffer

MaxSyncBuffer: undefined | number

The size of the buffer (in milliseconds) to use to sync incoming source data.

Optional MediaStreamSourceConfigurations

MediaStreamSourceConfigurations: MediaStreamSourceConfigurationRequest[]

The media streams that are associated with the source, and the parameters for those associations.

Optional MinLatency

MinLatency: undefined | number

The minimum latency in milliseconds for SRT-based streams. In streams that use the SRT protocol, this value that you set on your MediaConnect source or output represents the minimal potential latency of that connection. The latency of the stream is set to the highest number between the sender’s minimum latency and the receiver’s minimum latency.

Optional Protocol

Protocol: Protocol | string

The protocol that is used by the source.

Optional SenderControlPort

SenderControlPort: undefined | number

The port that the flow uses to send outbound requests to initiate connection with the sender.

Optional SenderIpAddress

SenderIpAddress: undefined | string

The IP address that the flow communicates with to initiate connection with the sender.


SourceArn: string | undefined

The ARN of the source that you want to update.

Optional SourceListenerAddress

SourceListenerAddress: undefined | string

Source IP or domain name for SRT-caller protocol.

Optional SourceListenerPort

SourceListenerPort: undefined | number

Source port for SRT-caller protocol.

Optional StreamId

StreamId: undefined | string

The stream ID that you want to use for this transport. This parameter applies only to Zixi-based streams.

Optional VpcInterfaceName

VpcInterfaceName: undefined | string

The name of the VPC interface to use for this source.

Optional WhitelistCidr

WhitelistCidr: undefined | string

The range of IP addresses that should be allowed to contribute content to your source. These IP addresses should be in the form of a Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) block; for example,