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Interface UpdateOriginEndpointCommandInput




Optional Authorization

Authorization: Authorization

CDN Authorization credentials

Optional CmafPackage

A Common Media Application Format (CMAF) packaging configuration.

Optional DashPackage

DashPackage: DashPackage

A Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) packaging configuration.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

A short text description of the OriginEndpoint.

Optional HlsPackage

HlsPackage: HlsPackage

An HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) packaging configuration.


Id: string | undefined

The ID of the OriginEndpoint to update.

Optional ManifestName

ManifestName: undefined | string

A short string that will be appended to the end of the Endpoint URL.

Optional MssPackage

MssPackage: MssPackage

A Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS) packaging configuration.

Optional Origination

Origination: Origination | string

Control whether origination of video is allowed for this OriginEndpoint. If set to ALLOW, the OriginEndpoint may by requested, pursuant to any other form of access control. If set to DENY, the OriginEndpoint may not be requested. This can be helpful for Live to VOD harvesting, or for temporarily disabling origination

Optional StartoverWindowSeconds

StartoverWindowSeconds: undefined | number

Maximum duration (in seconds) of content to retain for startover playback. If not specified, startover playback will be disabled for the OriginEndpoint.

Optional TimeDelaySeconds

TimeDelaySeconds: undefined | number

Amount of delay (in seconds) to enforce on the playback of live content. If not specified, there will be no time delay in effect for the OriginEndpoint.

Optional Whitelist

Whitelist: string[]

A list of source IP CIDR blocks that will be allowed to access the OriginEndpoint.