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Interface MetricPolicy

The metric policy that is associated with the container. A metric policy allows AWS Elemental MediaStore to send metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. In the policy, you must indicate whether you want MediaStore to send container-level metrics. You can also include rules to define groups of objects that you want MediaStore to send object-level metrics for.

To view examples of how to construct a metric policy for your use case, see Example Metric Policies.


  • MetricPolicy




ContainerLevelMetrics: ContainerLevelMetrics | string | undefined

A setting to enable or disable metrics at the container level.

Optional MetricPolicyRules

MetricPolicyRules: MetricPolicyRule[]

A parameter that holds an array of rules that enable metrics at the object level. This parameter is optional, but if you choose to include it, you must also include at least one rule. By default, you can include up to five rules. You can also request a quota increase to allow up to 300 rules per policy.