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Interface ServerDetail

Detailed information about a server.


  • ServerDetail



Optional antipatternReportS3Object

antipatternReportS3Object: S3Object

The S3 bucket name and Amazon S3 key name for anti-pattern report.

Optional antipatternReportStatus

antipatternReportStatus: AntipatternReportStatus | string

The status of the anti-pattern report generation.

Optional antipatternReportStatusMessage

antipatternReportStatusMessage: undefined | string

A message about the status of the anti-pattern report generation.

Optional applicationComponentStrategySummary

applicationComponentStrategySummary: StrategySummary[]

A list of strategy summaries.

Optional dataCollectionStatus

dataCollectionStatus: RunTimeAssessmentStatus | string

The status of assessment for the server.

Optional id

id: undefined | string

The server ID.

Optional lastAnalyzedTimestamp

lastAnalyzedTimestamp: Date

The timestamp of when the server was assessed.

Optional listAntipatternSeveritySummary

listAntipatternSeveritySummary: AntipatternSeveritySummary[]

A list of anti-pattern severity summaries.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The name of the server.

Optional recommendationSet

recommendationSet: RecommendationSet

A set of recommendations.

Optional serverType

serverType: undefined | string

The type of server.

Optional statusMessage

statusMessage: undefined | string

A message about the status of data collection, which contains detailed descriptions of any error messages.

Optional systemInfo

systemInfo: SystemInfo

System information about the server.