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Interface LaunchProfileInitialization

A launch profile initialization contains information required for a workstation or server to connect to a launch profile.

This includes scripts, endpoints, security groups, subnets, and other configuration.


  • LaunchProfileInitialization



Optional activeDirectory

A LaunchProfileInitializationActiveDirectory resource.

Optional ec2SecurityGroupIds

ec2SecurityGroupIds: string[]

The EC2 security groups that control access to the studio component.

Optional launchProfileId

launchProfileId: undefined | string

The ID of the launch profile used to control access from the streaming session.

Optional launchProfileProtocolVersion

launchProfileProtocolVersion: undefined | string

The version number of the protocol that is used by the launch profile. The only valid version is "2021-03-31".

Optional launchPurpose

launchPurpose: undefined | string

The launch purpose.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The name for the launch profile.

Optional platform

platform: LaunchProfilePlatform | string

The platform of the launch platform, either Windows or Linux.

Optional systemInitializationScripts

systemInitializationScripts: LaunchProfileInitializationScript[]

The system initializtion scripts.

Optional userInitializationScripts

userInitializationScripts: LaunchProfileInitializationScript[]

The user initializtion scripts.