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Interface LaunchProfileInitializationActiveDirectory

The launch profile initialization Active Directory contains information required for the launch profile to connect to the Active Directory.


  • LaunchProfileInitializationActiveDirectory



Optional computerAttributes

computerAttributes: ActiveDirectoryComputerAttribute[]

A collection of custom attributes for an Active Directory computer.

Optional directoryId

directoryId: undefined | string

The directory ID of the Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory to access using this launch profile.

Optional directoryName

directoryName: undefined | string

The directory name.

Optional dnsIpAddresses

dnsIpAddresses: string[]

The DNS IP address.

Optional organizationalUnitDistinguishedName

organizationalUnitDistinguishedName: undefined | string

The name for the organizational unit distinguished name.

Optional studioComponentId

studioComponentId: undefined | string

The unique identifier for a studio component resource.

Optional studioComponentName

studioComponentName: undefined | string

The name for the studio component.