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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface StudioMembership

A studio member is an association of a user from your studio identity source to elevated permissions that they are granted in the studio.

When you add a user to your studio using the Nimble Studio console, they are given access to the studio's IAM Identity Center application and are given access to log in to the Nimble Studio portal. These users have the permissions provided by the studio's user IAM role and do not appear in the studio membership collection. Only studio admins appear in studio membership.

When you add a user to studio membership with the ADMIN persona, upon logging in to the Nimble Studio portal, they are granted permissions specified by the Studio's Admin IAM role.


  • StudioMembership


identityStoreId?: string

The ID of the identity store.

persona?: string

The persona.

principalId?: string

The principal ID.

sid?: string

The Active Directory Security Identifier for this user, if available.