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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface PackageDetails

Basic information about a package.


  • PackageDetails


AvailablePackageVersion?: string

The package version.

AvailablePluginProperties?: PluginProperties

If the package is a ZIP-PLUGIN package, additional information about plugin properties.

CreatedAt?: Date

The timestamp when the package was created.

EngineVersion?: string

Version of OpenSearch or Elasticsearch, in the format Elasticsearch_X.Y or OpenSearch_X.Y. Defaults to the latest version of OpenSearch.

ErrorDetails?: ErrorDetails

Additional information if the package is in an error state. Null otherwise.

LastUpdatedAt?: Date

Date and time when the package was last updated.

PackageDescription?: string

User-specified description of the package.

PackageID?: string

The unique identifier of the package.

PackageName?: string

The user-specified name of the package.

PackageStatus?: PackageStatus

The current status of the package. The available options are AVAILABLE, COPYING, COPY_FAILED, VALIDATNG, VALIDATION_FAILED, DELETING, and DELETE_FAILED.

PackageType?: PackageType

The type of package.