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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface ReservedInstance

Details of an OpenSearch Reserved Instance.


  • ReservedInstance


BillingSubscriptionId?: number

The unique identifier of the billing subscription.

CurrencyCode?: string

The currency code for the offering.

Duration?: number

The duration, in seconds, for which the OpenSearch instance is reserved.

FixedPrice?: number

The upfront fixed charge you will paid to purchase the specific Reserved Instance offering.

InstanceCount?: number

The number of OpenSearch instances that have been reserved.

The OpenSearch instance type offered by theReserved Instance offering.

The payment option as defined in the Reserved Instance offering.

RecurringCharges?: RecurringCharge[]

The recurring charge to your account, regardless of whether you create any domains using the Reserved Instance offering.

ReservationName?: string

The customer-specified identifier to track this reservation.

ReservedInstanceId?: string

The unique identifier for the reservation.

ReservedInstanceOfferingId?: string

The unique identifier of the Reserved Instance offering.

StartTime?: Date

The date and time when the reservation was purchased.

State?: string

The state of the Reserved Instance.

UsagePrice?: number

The hourly rate at which you're charged for the domain using this Reserved Instance.