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Interface PolicySummary

Contains information about a policy, but does not include the content. To see the content of a policy, see DescribePolicy.


  • PolicySummary



Optional Arn

Arn: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the policy.

For more information about ARNs in Organizations, see ARN Formats Supported by Organizations in the Amazon Web Services Service Authorization Reference.

Optional AwsManaged

AwsManaged: undefined | false | true

A boolean value that indicates whether the specified policy is an Amazon Web Services managed policy. If true, then you can attach the policy to roots, OUs, or accounts, but you cannot edit it.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

The description of the policy.

Optional Id

Id: undefined | string

The unique identifier (ID) of the policy.

The regex pattern for a policy ID string requires "p-" followed by from 8 to 128 lowercase or uppercase letters, digits, or the underscore character (_).

Optional Name

Name: undefined | string

The friendly name of the policy.

The regex pattern that is used to validate this parameter is a string of any of the characters in the ASCII character range.

Optional Type

Type: PolicyType | string

The type of policy.