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Interface GetDimensionKeyDetailsCommandInput





Group: string | undefined

The name of the dimension group. Performance Insights searches the specified group for the dimension group ID. The following group name values are valid:

  • db.query (Amazon DocumentDB only)

  • db.sql (Amazon RDS and Aurora only)


GroupIdentifier: string | undefined

The ID of the dimension group from which to retrieve dimension details. For dimension group db.sql, the group ID is db.sql.id. The following group ID values are valid:

  • db.sql.id for dimension group db.sql (Aurora and RDS only)

  • db.query.id for dimension group db.query (DocumentDB only)


Identifier: string | undefined

The ID for a data source from which to gather dimension data. This ID must be immutable and unique within an Amazon Web Services Region. When a DB instance is the data source, specify its DbiResourceId value. For example, specify db-ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU1VW2X.

Optional RequestedDimensions

RequestedDimensions: string[]

A list of dimensions to retrieve the detail data for within the given dimension group. If you don't specify this parameter, Performance Insights returns all dimension data within the specified dimension group. Specify dimension names for the following dimension groups:

  • db.sql - Specify either the full dimension name db.sql.statement or the short dimension name statement (Aurora and RDS only).

  • db.query - Specify either the full dimension name db.query.statement or the short dimension name statement (DocumentDB only).


ServiceType: ServiceType | string | undefined

The Amazon Web Services service for which Performance Insights returns data. The only valid value is RDS.