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Interface UpdatePoolCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional CreatedTimestamp

CreatedTimestamp: Date

The time when the pool was created, in UNIX epoch time format.

Optional DeletionProtectionEnabled

DeletionProtectionEnabled: undefined | false | true

When set to true the pool can't be deleted.

Optional MessageType

MessageType: MessageType | string

The type of message for the pool to use.

Optional OptOutListName

OptOutListName: undefined | string

The name of the OptOutList associated with the pool.

Optional PoolArn

PoolArn: undefined | string

The ARN of the pool.

Optional PoolId

PoolId: undefined | string

The unique identifier of the pool.

Optional SelfManagedOptOutsEnabled

SelfManagedOptOutsEnabled: undefined | false | true

When an end recipient sends a message that begins with HELP or STOP to one of your dedicated numbers, Amazon Pinpoint automatically replies with a customizable message and adds the end recipient to the OptOutList. When set to true you're responsible for responding to HELP and STOP requests. You're also responsible for tracking and honoring opt-out requests.

Optional SharedRoutesEnabled

SharedRoutesEnabled: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether shared routes are enabled for the pool.

Optional Status

Status: PoolStatus | string

The current status of the pool update request.

Optional TwoWayChannelArn

TwoWayChannelArn: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the two way channel.

Optional TwoWayEnabled

TwoWayEnabled: undefined | false | true

By default this is set to false. When set to true you can receive incoming text messages from your end recipients.