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Namespace AddressConfiguration

Specifies address-based configuration settings for a message that's sent directly to an endpoint.



Optional BodyOverride

BodyOverride: undefined | string

The message body to use instead of the default message body. This value overrides the default message body.

Optional ChannelType

ChannelType: ChannelType | string

The channel to use when sending the message.

Optional Context

Context: Record<string, string>

An object that maps custom attributes to attributes for the address and is attached to the message. Attribute names are case sensitive.

For a push notification, this payload is added to the data.pinpoint object. For an email or text message, this payload is added to email/SMS delivery receipt event attributes.

Optional RawContent

RawContent: undefined | string

The raw, JSON-formatted string to use as the payload for the message. If specified, this value overrides all other values for the message.

Optional Substitutions

Substitutions: Record<string, string[]>

A map of the message variables to merge with the variables specified by properties of the DefaultMessage object. The variables specified in this map take precedence over all other variables.

Optional TitleOverride

TitleOverride: undefined | string

The message title to use instead of the default message title. This value overrides the default message title.