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Interface DescribeVoicesCommandInput




Optional Engine

Engine: Engine | string

Specifies the engine (standard or neural) used by Amazon Polly when processing input text for speech synthesis.

Optional IncludeAdditionalLanguageCodes

IncludeAdditionalLanguageCodes: undefined | false | true

Boolean value indicating whether to return any bilingual voices that use the specified language as an additional language. For instance, if you request all languages that use US English (es-US), and there is an Italian voice that speaks both Italian (it-IT) and US English, that voice will be included if you specify yes but not if you specify no.

Optional LanguageCode

LanguageCode: LanguageCode | string

The language identification tag (ISO 639 code for the language name-ISO 3166 country code) for filtering the list of voices returned. If you don't specify this optional parameter, all available voices are returned.

Optional NextToken

NextToken: undefined | string

An opaque pagination token returned from the previous DescribeVoices operation. If present, this indicates where to continue the listing.