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New API Documentation - Developer Preview Available

We are excited to announce the developer preview of our new API documentation for AWS SDK for JavaScript v3. Please follow instructions on the landing page to leave us your feedback.

Interface PollyClientConfig

The configuration interface of PollyClient class constructor that set the region, credentials and other options.



credentials?: AwsCredentialIdentity | Provider<AwsCredentialIdentity>

The credentials used to sign requests.

customUserAgent?: string | UserAgent

The custom user agent header that would be appended to default one

defaultsMode?: DefaultsMode | Provider<DefaultsMode>

The @aws-sdk/smithy-client#DefaultsMode that will be used to determine how certain default configuration options are resolved in the SDK.

disableHostPrefix?: boolean

Disable dyanamically changing the endpoint of the client based on the hostPrefix trait of an operation.

endpoint?: Object

The fully qualified endpoint of the webservice. This is only for using a custom endpoint (for example, when using a local version of S3).

Endpoint transformations such as S3 applying a bucket to the hostname are still applicable to this custom endpoint.

endpointProvider?: ((params: EndpointParameters, context?: {
    logger?: Logger;
}) => EndpointV2)

Type declaration

    • (params: EndpointParameters, context?: {
          logger?: Logger;
      }): EndpointV2
    • Providing a custom endpointProvider will override built-in transformations of the endpoint such as S3 adding the bucket name to the hostname, since they are part of the default endpointProvider.


      • params: EndpointParameters
      • Optional context: {
            logger?: Logger;
        • Optional logger?: Logger

      Returns EndpointV2

logger?: Logger

Optional logger for logging debug/info/warn/error.

maxAttempts?: Object

Value for how many times a request will be made at most in case of retry.

region?: Object

The AWS region to which this client will send requests

requestHandler?: RequestHandler<any, any, HttpHandlerOptions> & HttpHandler

The HTTP handler to use. Fetch in browser and Https in Nodejs.

retryMode?: string | Provider<string>

Specifies which retry algorithm to use.

retryStrategy?: RetryStrategy | RetryStrategyV2

The strategy to retry the request. Using built-in exponential backoff strategy by default.

signer?: RequestSigner | ((authScheme?: AuthScheme) => Promise<RequestSigner>)

The signer to use when signing requests.

signingEscapePath?: boolean

Whether to escape request path when signing the request.

signingRegion?: string

The region where you want to sign your request against. This can be different to the region in the endpoint.

systemClockOffset?: number

An offset value in milliseconds to apply to all signing times.

tls?: boolean

Whether TLS is enabled for requests.


useDualstackEndpoint?: Object

Enables IPv6/IPv4 dualstack endpoint.

useFipsEndpoint?: Object

Enables FIPS compatible endpoints.