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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface SendCommandCommandInputProtected

The input for SendCommandCommand.



AbortTransaction?: AbortTransactionRequest

Command to abort the current transaction.

CommitTransaction?: CommitTransactionRequest

Command to commit the specified transaction.

EndSession?: EndSessionRequest

Command to end the current session.

ExecuteStatement?: ExecuteStatementRequest

Command to execute a statement in the specified transaction.

FetchPage?: FetchPageRequest

Command to fetch a page.

SessionToken?: string

Specifies the session token for the current command. A session token is constant throughout the life of the session.

To obtain a session token, run the StartSession command. This SessionToken is required for every subsequent command that is issued during the current session.

StartSession?: StartSessionRequest

Command to start a new session. A session token is obtained as part of the response.

StartTransaction?: StartTransactionRequest

Command to start a new transaction.