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Interface DisassociateResourceShareCommandInput




Optional clientToken

clientToken: undefined | string

Specifies a unique, case-sensitive identifier that you provide to ensure the idempotency of the request. This lets you safely retry the request without accidentally performing the same operation a second time. Passing the same value to a later call to an operation requires that you also pass the same value for all other parameters. We recommend that you use a UUID type of value..

If you don't provide this value, then Amazon Web Services generates a random one for you.

Optional principals

principals: string[]

Specifies a list of one or more principals that no longer are to have access to the resources in this resource share.

You can include the following values:

  • An Amazon Web Services account ID, for example: 123456789012

  • An Amazon Resoure Name (ARN) of an organization in Organizations, for example: organizations::123456789012:organization/o-exampleorgid

  • An ARN of an organizational unit (OU) in Organizations, for example: organizations::123456789012:ou/o-exampleorgid/ou-examplerootid-exampleouid123

  • An ARN of an IAM role, for example: iam::123456789012:role/rolename

  • An ARN of an IAM user, for example: iam::123456789012user/username

Not all resource types can be shared with IAM roles and users. For more information, see Sharing with IAM roles and users in the Resource Access Manager User Guide.

Optional resourceArns

resourceArns: string[]

Specifies a list of Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) for one or more resources that you want to remove from the resource share. After the operation runs, these resources are no longer shared with principals outside of the Amazon Web Services account that created the resources.


resourceShareArn: string | undefined

Specifies Amazon Resoure Name (ARN) of the resource share that you want to remove resources from.