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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface RuleSummary

Information about a Recycle Bin retention rule.


  • RuleSummary


Description?: string

The retention rule description.

Identifier?: string

The unique ID of the retention rule.

LockState?: LockState

The lock state for the retention rule.

  • locked - The retention rule is locked and can't be modified or deleted.

  • pending_unlock - The retention rule has been unlocked but it is still within the unlock delay period. The retention rule can be modified or deleted only after the unlock delay period has expired.

  • unlocked - The retention rule is unlocked and it can be modified or deleted by any user with the required permissions.

  • null - The retention rule has never been locked. Once a retention rule has been locked, it can transition between the locked and unlocked states only; it can never transition back to null.

RetentionPeriod?: RetentionPeriod

Information about the retention period for which the retention rule is to retain resources.