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Interface ListSnapshotsCommandInput




Optional endTime

endTime: Date

The timestamp showing when the snapshot creation finished.

Optional maxResults

maxResults: undefined | number

An optional parameter that specifies the maximum number of results to return. You can use nextToken to get the next page of results.

Optional namespaceArn

namespaceArn: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the namespace from which to list all snapshots.

Optional namespaceName

namespaceName: undefined | string

The namespace from which to list all snapshots.

Optional nextToken

nextToken: undefined | string

If nextToken is returned, there are more results available. The value of nextToken is a unique pagination token for each page. Make the call again using the returned token to retrieve the next page.

Optional ownerAccount

ownerAccount: undefined | string

The owner Amazon Web Services account of the snapshot.

Optional startTime

startTime: Date

The time when the creation of the snapshot was initiated.