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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface CreateEndpointAccessCommandOutputProtected



Address?: string

The DNS address of the endpoint.

ClusterIdentifier?: string

The cluster identifier of the cluster associated with the endpoint.

EndpointCreateTime?: Date

The time (UTC) that the endpoint was created.

EndpointName?: string

The name of the endpoint.

EndpointStatus?: string

The status of the endpoint.

Port?: number

The port number on which the cluster accepts incoming connections.

ResourceOwner?: string

The Amazon Web Services account ID of the owner of the cluster.

SubnetGroupName?: string

The subnet group name where Amazon Redshift chooses to deploy the endpoint.

VpcEndpoint?: VpcEndpoint

The connection endpoint for connecting to an Amazon Redshift cluster through the proxy.

VpcSecurityGroups?: VpcSecurityGroupMembership[]

The security groups associated with the endpoint.