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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface EnableLoggingCommandInputProtected

The input for EnableLoggingCommand.



BucketName?: string

The name of an existing S3 bucket where the log files are to be stored.


  • Must be in the same region as the cluster

  • The cluster must have read bucket and put object permissions

ClusterIdentifier: undefined | string

The identifier of the cluster on which logging is to be started.

Example: examplecluster

LogDestinationType?: LogDestinationType

The log destination type. An enum with possible values of s3 and cloudwatch.

LogExports?: string[]

The collection of exported log types. Possible values are connectionlog, useractivitylog, and userlog.

S3KeyPrefix?: string

The prefix applied to the log file names.


  • Cannot exceed 512 characters

  • Cannot contain spaces( ), double quotes ("), single quotes ('), a backslash (\), or control characters. The hexadecimal codes for invalid characters are:

    • x00 to x20

    • x22

    • x27

    • x5c

    • x7f or larger