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Interface StartSimulationJobBatchResponse




Optional arn

arn: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (arn) of the batch.

Optional batchPolicy

batchPolicy: BatchPolicy

The batch policy.

Optional clientRequestToken

clientRequestToken: undefined | string

Unique, case-sensitive identifier that you provide to ensure the idempotency of the request.

Optional createdAt

createdAt: Date

The time, in milliseconds since the epoch, when the simulation job batch was created.

Optional createdRequests

createdRequests: SimulationJobSummary[]

A list of created simulation job request summaries.

Optional failedRequests

failedRequests: FailedCreateSimulationJobRequest[]

A list of failed simulation job requests. The request failed to be created into a simulation job. Failed requests do not have a simulation job ID.

Optional failureCode

failureCode: SimulationJobBatchErrorCode | string

The failure code if the simulation job batch failed.

Optional failureReason

failureReason: undefined | string

The reason the simulation job batch failed.

Optional pendingRequests

pendingRequests: SimulationJobRequest[]

A list of pending simulation job requests. These requests have not yet been created into simulation jobs.

Optional status

status: SimulationJobBatchStatus | string

The status of the simulation job batch.


The simulation job batch request is pending.


The simulation job batch is in progress.


The simulation job batch failed. One or more simulation job requests could not be completed due to an internal failure (like InternalServiceError). See failureCode and failureReason for more information.


The simulation batch job completed. A batch is complete when (1) there are no pending simulation job requests in the batch and none of the failed simulation job requests are due to InternalServiceError and (2) when all created simulation jobs have reached a terminal state (for example, Completed or Failed).


The simulation batch job was cancelled.


The simulation batch job is being cancelled.


The simulation batch job is completing.


The simulation job batch is timing out.

If a batch timing out, and there are pending requests that were failing due to an internal failure (like InternalServiceError), the batch status will be Failed. If there are no such failing request, the batch status will be TimedOut.


The simulation batch job timed out.

Optional tags

tags: Record<string, string>

A map that contains tag keys and tag values that are attached to the deployment job batch.