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New API Documentation - Developer Preview Available

We are excited to announce the developer preview of our new API documentation for AWS SDK for JavaScript v3. Please follow instructions on the landing page to leave us your feedback.

Information about a tool. Tools are used in a simulation job.


  • Tool


command: undefined | string

Command-line arguments for the tool. It must include the tool executable name.

exitBehavior?: string

Exit behavior determines what happens when your tool quits running. RESTART will cause your tool to be restarted. FAIL will cause your job to exit. The default is RESTART.

name: undefined | string

The name of the tool.

streamOutputToCloudWatch?: boolean

Boolean indicating whether logs will be recorded in CloudWatch for the tool. The default is False.

streamUI?: boolean

Boolean indicating whether a streaming session will be configured for the tool. If True, AWS RoboMaker will configure a connection so you can interact with the tool as it is running in the simulation. It must have a graphical user interface. The default is False.