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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface CreateKeySigningKeyCommandInputProtected



CallerReference: undefined | string

A unique string that identifies the request.

HostedZoneId: undefined | string

The unique string (ID) used to identify a hosted zone.

KeyManagementServiceArn: undefined | string

The Amazon resource name (ARN) for a customer managed key in Key Management Service (KMS). The KeyManagementServiceArn must be unique for each key-signing key (KSK) in a single hosted zone. To see an example of KeyManagementServiceArn that grants the correct permissions for DNSSEC, scroll down to Example.

You must configure the customer managed customer managed key as follows:



Key spec


Key usage

Sign and verify

Key policy

The key policy must give permission for the following actions:

  • DescribeKey

  • GetPublicKey

  • Sign

The key policy must also include the Amazon Route 53 service in the principal for your account. Specify the following:

  • "Service": "dnssec-route53.amazonaws.com"

For more information about working with a customer managed key in KMS, see Key Management Service concepts.

Name: undefined | string

A string used to identify a key-signing key (KSK). Name can include numbers, letters, and underscores (_). Name must be unique for each key-signing key in the same hosted zone.

Status: undefined | string

A string specifying the initial status of the key-signing key (KSK). You can set the value to ACTIVE or INACTIVE.