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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface ListTrafficPoliciesResponse

A complex type that contains the response information for the request.



IsTruncated: undefined | boolean

A flag that indicates whether there are more traffic policies to be listed. If the response was truncated, you can get the next group of traffic policies by submitting another ListTrafficPolicies request and specifying the value of TrafficPolicyIdMarker in the TrafficPolicyIdMarker request parameter.

MaxItems: undefined | number

The value that you specified for the MaxItems parameter in the ListTrafficPolicies request that produced the current response.

TrafficPolicyIdMarker: undefined | string

If the value of IsTruncated is true, TrafficPolicyIdMarker is the ID of the first traffic policy in the next group of MaxItems traffic policies.

TrafficPolicySummaries: undefined | TrafficPolicySummary[]

A list that contains one TrafficPolicySummary element for each traffic policy that was created by the current Amazon Web Services account.