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Class PutBucketMetricsConfigurationCommandProtected

Sets a metrics configuration (specified by the metrics configuration ID) for the bucket. You can have up to 1,000 metrics configurations per bucket. If you're updating an existing metrics configuration, note that this is a full replacement of the existing metrics configuration. If you don't include the elements you want to keep, they are erased.

To use this operation, you must have permissions to perform the s3:PutMetricsConfiguration action. The bucket owner has this permission by default. The bucket owner can grant this permission to others. For more information about permissions, see Permissions Related to Bucket Subresource Operations and Managing Access Permissions to Your Amazon S3 Resources.

For information about CloudWatch request metrics for Amazon S3, see Monitoring Metrics with Amazon CloudWatch.

The following operations are related to PutBucketMetricsConfiguration:

GetBucketLifecycle has the following special error:

  • Error code: TooManyConfigurations

    • Description: You are attempting to create a new configuration but have already reached the 1,000-configuration limit.

    • HTTP Status Code: HTTP 400 Bad Request


Use a bare-bones client and the command you need to make an API call.

import { S3Client, PutBucketMetricsConfigurationCommand } from "@aws-sdk/client-s3"; // ES Modules import
// const { S3Client, PutBucketMetricsConfigurationCommand } = require("@aws-sdk/client-s3"); // CommonJS import
const client = new S3Client(config);
const command = new PutBucketMetricsConfigurationCommand(input);
const response = await client.send(command);