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Interface CreateBucketCommandInput




Optional ACL

ACL: BucketCannedACL | string

The canned ACL to apply to the bucket.


Bucket: string | undefined

The name of the bucket to create.

Optional CreateBucketConfiguration

CreateBucketConfiguration: CreateBucketConfiguration

The configuration information for the bucket.

Optional GrantFullControl

GrantFullControl: undefined | string

Allows grantee the read, write, read ACP, and write ACP permissions on the bucket.

Optional GrantRead

GrantRead: undefined | string

Allows grantee to list the objects in the bucket.

Optional GrantReadACP

GrantReadACP: undefined | string

Allows grantee to read the bucket ACL.

Optional GrantWrite

GrantWrite: undefined | string

Allows grantee to create new objects in the bucket.

For the bucket and object owners of existing objects, also allows deletions and overwrites of those objects.

Optional GrantWriteACP

GrantWriteACP: undefined | string

Allows grantee to write the ACL for the applicable bucket.

Optional ObjectLockEnabledForBucket

ObjectLockEnabledForBucket: undefined | false | true

Specifies whether you want S3 Object Lock to be enabled for the new bucket.

Optional ObjectOwnership

ObjectOwnership: ObjectOwnership | string

The container element for object ownership for a bucket's ownership controls.

BucketOwnerPreferred - Objects uploaded to the bucket change ownership to the bucket owner if the objects are uploaded with the bucket-owner-full-control canned ACL.

ObjectWriter - The uploading account will own the object if the object is uploaded with the bucket-owner-full-control canned ACL.

BucketOwnerEnforced - Access control lists (ACLs) are disabled and no longer affect permissions. The bucket owner automatically owns and has full control over every object in the bucket. The bucket only accepts PUT requests that don't specify an ACL or bucket owner full control ACLs, such as the bucket-owner-full-control canned ACL or an equivalent form of this ACL expressed in the XML format.