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Interface PackedPolicyTooLargeException

The request was rejected because the total packed size of the session policies and session tags combined was too large. An Amazon Web Services conversion compresses the session policy document, session policy ARNs, and session tags into a packed binary format that has a separate limit. The error message indicates by percentage how close the policies and tags are to the upper size limit. For more information, see Passing Session Tags in STS in the IAM User Guide.

You could receive this error even though you meet other defined session policy and session tag limits. For more information, see IAM and STS Entity Character Limits in the IAM User Guide.





$fault: "client"


$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional Readonly $response

$response: HttpResponse

Reference to low-level HTTP response object.

Optional Readonly $retryable

$retryable: RetryableTrait

Indicates that an error MAY be retried by the client.

Optional Readonly $service

$service: undefined | string

The service that encountered the exception.

Optional message

message: undefined | string


name: "PackedPolicyTooLargeException"