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Interface S3ClientConfig

The configuration interface of S3Client class constructor that set the region, credentials and other options.




Optional bucketEndpoint

bucketEndpoint: undefined | false | true

Whether the provided endpoint addresses an individual bucket.

Optional credentials

The credentials used to sign requests.

Optional customUserAgent

customUserAgent: string | UserAgent

The custom user agent header that would be appended to default one

Optional disableHostPrefix

disableHostPrefix: undefined | false | true

Disable dyanamically changing the endpoint of the client based on the hostPrefix trait of an operation.

Optional disableMultiregionAccessPoints

disableMultiregionAccessPoints: boolean | Provider<boolean>

Whether to prevent SDK from making cross-region request when supplied bucket is a multi-region access point ARN. Defaults to false

Optional endpoint

endpoint: string | Endpoint | Provider<Endpoint>

The fully qualified endpoint of the webservice. This is only required when using a custom endpoint (for example, when using a local version of S3).

Optional eventStreamSerdeProvider

eventStreamSerdeProvider: __EventStreamSerdeProvider

The function that provides necessary utilities for generating and parsing event stream

Optional forcePathStyle

forcePathStyle: undefined | false | true

Whether to force path style URLs for S3 objects (e.g., https://s3.amazonaws.com// instead of https://.s3.amazonaws.com/

Optional logger

logger: __Logger

Optional logger for logging debug/info/warn/error.

Optional maxAttempts

maxAttempts: number | __Provider<number>

Value for how many times a request will be made at most in case of retry.

Optional region

region: string | __Provider<string>

The AWS region to which this client will send requests

Optional requestHandler

requestHandler: __HttpHandler

The HTTP handler to use. Fetch in browser and Https in Nodejs.

Optional retryMode

retryMode: string | __Provider<string>

Specifies which retry algorithm to use.

Optional retryStrategy

retryStrategy: RetryStrategy

The strategy to retry the request. Using built-in exponential backoff strategy by default.

Optional signer

The signer to use when signing requests.

Optional signingEscapePath

signingEscapePath: undefined | false | true

Whether to escape request path when signing the request.

Optional signingRegion

signingRegion: undefined | string

The region where you want to sign your request against. This can be different to the region in the endpoint.

Optional systemClockOffset

systemClockOffset: undefined | number

An offset value in milliseconds to apply to all signing times.

Optional tls

tls: undefined | false | true

Whether TLS is enabled for requests.

Optional useAccelerateEndpoint

useAccelerateEndpoint: undefined | false | true

Whether to use the S3 Transfer Acceleration endpoint by default

Optional useArnRegion

useArnRegion: boolean | Provider<boolean>

Whether to override the request region with the region inferred from requested resource's ARN. Defaults to false.

Optional useDualstackEndpoint

useDualstackEndpoint: boolean | __Provider<boolean>

Enables IPv6/IPv4 dualstack endpoint.

Optional useFipsEndpoint

useFipsEndpoint: boolean | __Provider<boolean>

Enables FIPS compatible endpoints.