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Namespace GetObjectAttributesParts

A collection of parts associated with a multipart upload.



Optional IsTruncated

IsTruncated: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether the returned list of parts is truncated. A value of true indicates that the list was truncated. A list can be truncated if the number of parts exceeds the limit returned in the MaxParts element.

Optional MaxParts

MaxParts: undefined | number

The maximum number of parts allowed in the response.

Optional NextPartNumberMarker

NextPartNumberMarker: undefined | string

When a list is truncated, this element specifies the last part in the list, as well as the value to use for the PartNumberMarker request parameter in a subsequent request.

Optional PartNumberMarker

PartNumberMarker: undefined | string

The marker for the current part.

Optional Parts

Parts: ObjectPart[]

A container for elements related to a particular part. A response can contain zero or more Parts elements.

Optional TotalPartsCount

TotalPartsCount: undefined | number

The total number of parts.