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Namespace RestoreRequest

Container for restore job parameters.



Optional Days

Days: undefined | number

Lifetime of the active copy in days. Do not use with restores that specify OutputLocation.

The Days element is required for regular restores, and must not be provided for select requests.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

The optional description for the job.

Optional GlacierJobParameters

GlacierJobParameters: GlacierJobParameters

S3 Glacier related parameters pertaining to this job. Do not use with restores that specify OutputLocation.

Optional OutputLocation

OutputLocation: OutputLocation

Describes the location where the restore job's output is stored.

Optional SelectParameters

SelectParameters: SelectParameters

Describes the parameters for Select job types.

Optional Tier

Tier: Tier | string

Retrieval tier at which the restore will be processed.

Optional Type

Type: RestoreRequestType | string

Type of restore request.