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Namespace S3Location

Describes an Amazon S3 location that will receive the results of the restore request.



Optional AccessControlList

AccessControlList: Grant[]

A list of grants that control access to the staged results.


BucketName: string | undefined

The name of the bucket where the restore results will be placed.

Optional CannedACL

CannedACL: ObjectCannedACL | string

The canned ACL to apply to the restore results.

Optional Encryption

Encryption: Encryption

Contains the type of server-side encryption used.


Prefix: string | undefined

The prefix that is prepended to the restore results for this request.

Optional StorageClass

StorageClass: StorageClass | string

The class of storage used to store the restore results.

Optional Tagging

Tagging: Tagging

The tag-set that is applied to the restore results.

Optional UserMetadata

UserMetadata: MetadataEntry[]

A list of metadata to store with the restore results in S3.