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Interface ListOperationsCommandInput




Optional Filters

Filters: OperationFilter[]

A complex type that contains specifications for the operations that you want to list, for example, operations that you started between a specified start date and end date.

If you specify more than one filter, an operation must match all filters to be returned by ListOperations.

Optional MaxResults

MaxResults: undefined | number

The maximum number of items that you want Cloud Map to return in the response to a ListOperations request. If you don't specify a value for MaxResults, Cloud Map returns up to 100 operations.

Optional NextToken

NextToken: undefined | string

For the first ListOperations request, omit this value.

If the response contains NextToken, submit another ListOperations request to get the next group of results. Specify the value of NextToken from the previous response in the next request.

Cloud Map gets MaxResults operations and then filters them based on the specified criteria. It's possible that no operations in the first MaxResults operations matched the specified criteria but that subsequent groups of MaxResults operations do contain operations that match the criteria.