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Class SendBounceCommandProtected

Generates and sends a bounce message to the sender of an email you received through Amazon SES. You can only use this API on an email up to 24 hours after you receive it.

You cannot use this API to send generic bounces for mail that was not received by Amazon SES.

For information about receiving email through Amazon SES, see the Amazon SES Developer Guide.

You can execute this operation no more than once per second.


Use a bare-bones client and the command you need to make an API call.

import { SESClient, SendBounceCommand } from "@aws-sdk/client-ses"; // ES Modules import
// const { SESClient, SendBounceCommand } = require("@aws-sdk/client-ses"); // CommonJS import
const client = new SESClient(config);
const command = new SendBounceCommand(input);
const response = await client.send(command);



MessageRejected (client fault)

Indicates that the action failed, and the message could not be sent. Check the error stack for more information about what caused the error.




middlewareStack: MiddlewareStack<SendBounceCommandInput, SendBounceCommandOutput>