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Interface Instance

The description of an instance. Currently, Amazon EC2 instances are the only supported instance type.


  • Instance



Optional amiLaunchIndex

amiLaunchIndex: undefined | number

The Amazon Machine Image (AMI) launch index, which you can use to find this instance in the launch group.

Optional blockDeviceMappings

blockDeviceMappings: InstanceBlockDeviceMapping[]

Any block device mapping entries for the instance.

Optional cpuOptions

cpuOptions: CpuOptions

The CPU options for the instance.

Optional createdAt

createdAt: Date

When the instance was created.

Optional imageId

imageId: undefined | string

The ID of the AMI used to launch the instance.

Optional instanceId

instanceId: undefined | string

The ID of the instance.

Optional instanceType

instanceType: undefined | string

The instance type.

Optional privateIpAddress

privateIpAddress: undefined | string

The private IPv4 address assigned to the instance.

Optional publicIpAddress

publicIpAddress: undefined | string

The public IPv4 address assigned to the instance.

Optional rootDeviceName

rootDeviceName: undefined | string

The device name of the root device volume (for example, /dev/sda1).

Optional securityGroups

securityGroups: SecurityGroupIdentifier[]

The security groups for the instance.

Optional state

The description of the current state of an instance.

Optional updatedAt

updatedAt: Date

When the instance was last updated.