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Class DeleteQueueCommandProtected

Deletes the queue specified by the QueueUrl, regardless of the queue's contents.

Be careful with the DeleteQueue action: When you delete a queue, any messages in the queue are no longer available.

When you delete a queue, the deletion process takes up to 60 seconds. Requests you send involving that queue during the 60 seconds might succeed. For example, a SendMessage request might succeed, but after 60 seconds the queue and the message you sent no longer exist.

When you delete a queue, you must wait at least 60 seconds before creating a queue with the same name.

Cross-account permissions don't apply to this action. For more information, see Grant cross-account permissions to a role and a user name in the Amazon SQS Developer Guide.


Use a bare-bones client and the command you need to make an API call.

import { SQSClient, DeleteQueueCommand } from "@aws-sdk/client-sqs"; // ES Modules import
// const { SQSClient, DeleteQueueCommand } = require("@aws-sdk/client-sqs"); // CommonJS import
const client = new SQSClient(config);
const command = new DeleteQueueCommand(input);
const response = await client.send(command);





middlewareStack: MiddlewareStack<DeleteQueueCommandInput, DeleteQueueCommandOutput>