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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface AssociateFileSystemCommandInputProtected



AuditDestinationARN?: string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the storage used for the audit logs.

CacheAttributes?: CacheAttributes

The refresh cache information for the file share or FSx file systems.

ClientToken: undefined | string

A unique string value that you supply that is used by the FSx File Gateway to ensure idempotent file system association creation.

EndpointNetworkConfiguration?: EndpointNetworkConfiguration

Specifies the network configuration information for the gateway associated with the Amazon FSx file system.

If multiple file systems are associated with this gateway, this parameter's IpAddresses field is required.

GatewayARN: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the gateway. Use the ListGateways operation to return a list of gateways for your account and Amazon Web Services Region.

LocationARN: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Amazon FSx file system to associate with the FSx File Gateway.

Password: undefined | string

The password of the user credential.

Tags?: Tag[]

A list of up to 50 tags that can be assigned to the file system association. Each tag is a key-value pair.

UserName: undefined | string

The user name of the user credential that has permission to access the root share D$ of the Amazon FSx file system. The user account must belong to the Amazon FSx delegated admin user group.