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Interface ActivityTaskScheduledEventAttributes

Provides the details of the ActivityTaskScheduled event.


  • ActivityTaskScheduledEventAttributes




activityId: string | undefined

The unique ID of the activity task.


activityType: ActivityType | undefined

The type of the activity task.

Optional control

control: undefined | string

Data attached to the event that can be used by the decider in subsequent workflow tasks. This data isn't sent to the activity.


decisionTaskCompletedEventId: number | undefined

The ID of the DecisionTaskCompleted event corresponding to the decision that resulted in the scheduling of this activity task. This information can be useful for diagnosing problems by tracing back the chain of events leading up to this event.

Optional heartbeatTimeout

heartbeatTimeout: undefined | string

The maximum time before which the worker processing this task must report progress by calling RecordActivityTaskHeartbeat. If the timeout is exceeded, the activity task is automatically timed out. If the worker subsequently attempts to record a heartbeat or return a result, it is ignored.

Optional input

input: undefined | string

The input provided to the activity task.

Optional scheduleToCloseTimeout

scheduleToCloseTimeout: undefined | string

The maximum amount of time for this activity task.

Optional scheduleToStartTimeout

scheduleToStartTimeout: undefined | string

The maximum amount of time the activity task can wait to be assigned to a worker.

Optional startToCloseTimeout

startToCloseTimeout: undefined | string

The maximum amount of time a worker may take to process the activity task.


taskList: TaskList | undefined

The task list in which the activity task has been scheduled.

Optional taskPriority

taskPriority: undefined | string

The priority to assign to the scheduled activity task. If set, this overrides any default priority value that was assigned when the activity type was registered.

Valid values are integers that range from Java's Integer.MIN_VALUE (-2147483648) to Integer.MAX_VALUE (2147483647). Higher numbers indicate higher priority.

For more information about setting task priority, see Setting Task Priority in the Amazon SWF Developer Guide.