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Interface DecisionTask

A structure that represents a decision task. Decision tasks are sent to deciders in order for them to make decisions.





events: HistoryEvent[] | undefined

A paginated list of history events of the workflow execution. The decider uses this during the processing of the decision task.

Optional nextPageToken

nextPageToken: undefined | string

If a NextPageToken was returned by a previous call, there are more results available. To retrieve the next page of results, make the call again using the returned token in nextPageToken. Keep all other arguments unchanged.

The configured maximumPageSize determines how many results can be returned in a single call.

Optional previousStartedEventId

previousStartedEventId: undefined | number

The ID of the DecisionTaskStarted event of the previous decision task of this workflow execution that was processed by the decider. This can be used to determine the events in the history new since the last decision task received by the decider.


startedEventId: number | undefined

The ID of the DecisionTaskStarted event recorded in the history.


taskToken: string | undefined

The opaque string used as a handle on the task. This token is used by workers to communicate progress and response information back to the system about the task.


workflowExecution: WorkflowExecution | undefined

The workflow execution for which this decision task was created.


workflowType: WorkflowType | undefined

The type of the workflow execution for which this decision task was created.