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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface ScheduleActivityTaskFailedEventAttributes

Provides the details of the ScheduleActivityTaskFailed event.


  • ScheduleActivityTaskFailedEventAttributes


activityId: undefined | string

The activityId provided in the ScheduleActivityTask decision that failed.

activityType: undefined | ActivityType

The activity type provided in the ScheduleActivityTask decision that failed.

cause: undefined | string

The cause of the failure. This information is generated by the system and can be useful for diagnostic purposes.

If cause is set to OPERATION_NOT_PERMITTED, the decision failed because it lacked sufficient permissions. For details and example IAM policies, see Using IAM to Manage Access to Amazon SWF Workflows in the Amazon SWF Developer Guide.

decisionTaskCompletedEventId: undefined | number

The ID of the DecisionTaskCompleted event corresponding to the decision that resulted in the scheduling of this activity task. This information can be useful for diagnosing problems by tracing back the chain of events leading up to this event.